I need someone's help!! Please! Long distance problems. Am I wrong?

So my girl and I are in a long distance relationship. Lately I feel like we talk less and she talks more to friends. We both work and are busy but she has a roommate (who hits on her but she loves me and i believe her) and today I was trying to ask her questions to keep the conversation going because it felt like for ever since we conversate but she was talking and responding to him more than to me. I asked told her how I felt and she got mad saying I'm overreacting. She gets mad easily and is the type to drop you like a bad habit. How should I feel about this and did she feel the right way


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  • In my opinion, I think it was a good idea to talk to her about how you're feeling because things like this happen a lot in long distance relationships. I can understand why she could have been mad but at the same time, it would have been better to just simply be patient and talk it out with you instead of getting frustrated. If you feel that this is effecting your relationship seriously--I would suggest that you talk to her one more time and just lay everything out on the table. Good luck!

    • See I'm a jealous goy, but since I met her I've changed that, but this guy doesn't back down, and she told me the way I overreact to that makes her want to end this.. which hurts because I really love her and I think she's not seeming it from my point of view. I know I'm the. ain dude in her life but it fucking sucks not being there, deep down that's what's killing me, I just want ti drop everything I have in my life ti chase her, but I'm scared

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    • Thank you, I will try and talk to her. Again, thanks a lot, your opinion haloed a lot and calmed me down cus I was thinking that what I did was completely wrong

    • No problem! Hope everything works out well!

  • That's why I'd never enter into a LDR , because they can't be compared to someone who's there in person for you. It's naive to assume you'll be priority over a guy who she has a great rapport with in real life.

    It seems like this is the start of her distancing herself. I'd end it before she ends it or ghosts on you. She's not taking your feelings into consideration. You've openly told her how you feel, but she's disregarding that , by saying you're overreacting. That clarifies your position in her life

    • I feel like we are more distant, maybe its the fact that we are busy or I don't know. But I feel like she does ignore the guys hitting on her and stuff (because she's very pretty) but the fact that guy is physically there I think gets to me. I want to go over there with her but got problems to solve over here first. I'm more of a face to face type of guy, I feel more of a connection that way.

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