Did I read this date completely wrong?

I went out with a guy I've seen a few times before. We spent a few hours talking at a park, and he asked me very genuine questions- ones that no one has ever asked me before. The conversation was pretty easy and we never really has awkward moments, at least not on my end. I'm pretty keen on body language so I noticed him touching his lips a lot and mirroring how I was sitting. I've seen him around other people and girls and he's not one to really stretch out but when I was sitting next to him he was very open and put his arm over the back. After our first spot, I mentioned it was getting cold (and late), but instead of saying let's go back home, he suggested driving somewhere else. So we did, when we were walking his was brushing up against me more, and at one point I was reading something and he was looking over my shoulder fully up against me. We were out pretty late per his suggestions to go here and do something else. Finally we both got tired and called it a night. As I was leaving he gave me a full embracing hug that was longer than normal for friends (more passionate). He mentioned seeing me in a week at our normal group meeting where we met, and asked if I ever go to church on sundays. I said no, at the time I didn't realize maybe he was asking to see if I would be there. I was bummed he didn't ask me out again, just thanked me. On my way home he sent me a text asking if I can text him when I get home. I waited about an hour because I got distracted. He must have waited up because I sent it really late and he replied saying thank you and sweet dreams. The next day he rsvpd to an even I mentioned to him that I'm going to, but I didn't formally ask him to come. A few days have passed and I haven't heard from him, so I text him saying that I saw he's interested in going to that event and that he should come. He said he wants to but it depends on if he can get some studying done. I replied letting him know that I'll look forward to it if he can go, no reply.


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  • Yeah it seems like it


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