What to get a guy for his birthday if your not his girlfriend?

Right so im 18 and lets just stay im seeing this guy like the term (curting) thats means the guy sees you a lot and use kiss etc usual crap. May go to the cinema and do stuff thats what that is. Like picks you up often in his car etc

well we ain't boyfriend or girlfriend and his birthday is approaching 20 am i expected to get him something? If so like what?

i just ge embarassed like he isn't my boyfriend and then there's me bringinf gifts cause when i was 13 and i had a silly boyfriend valentines awkwardly was approching and everyone told me he's got you something which made me feel i had to buy £50 aftershave. Well when the day came around on valentines we went to the cinema at night and i give him his present but he had nothing for me? Thats where i feel stupid and awkward


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  • Maybe an inexpensive gift (a perfume gift set) - you can get some under £20


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