Does he like me or does he want a hookup?

This guy that I was acquainted with in high school is in my college lab class. One day I reminded him about a test and ever since then we've been texting all day every day. He replies really quickly to what I send but I'm afraid that he's just trying to hook up or something. He hasn't been in a relationship in two years and told me he has gone on dates and has had hookups but not in 10 months. I've never had a guy interested in me so I don't know whats real. We did have one sexual conversation one night but I told him I didn't want that to be all we talked about and he said he was okay with that. I really don't want to get hurt please help.
We spoke for like 9 months and then he got with his Ex from like two years ago the moment she broke up with her boyfriend. He still messages me asking for pics and he wants to hook up even though they’re in a relationship. I dodged a bullet because he’s a cheater lol


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  • You can't be able to tell unless you ask him about his expectations in regards to your relationship


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  • hook up

  • If you are interesting, the sort of person he can learn a lot from by being around and talking to, have a very strong and unique personality, lots of interests, hobbies and you are always learning something, then it is likely he wants to be around you due to all of that.

    If however, you are just your bog standard pretty face with a generic personality, pleasant enough but not any different to any other girl at your age, them he probably just wants to hook up.


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