How do I date after college? M 22?

I have a year gap between undergrad and med school. My last relationship ended.
I am attractive, and I have a good personality, I just don't know where to look to meet girls who are single. People say malls and coffee shops but I honestly see a lot of little kids in malls 15, 16, 17, or oldies. And even if I saw someone my type, how would I know they are single.

Online really doesn't work well. It has a high ratio of guys to girls and most of the active girls aren't really my type.


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  • You can try meeting women through your friends/acquaintances. It's usually the best way to do so.


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  • Online works great, but you have to choose the right site. The sites I use have more women than men.

    If you have been accepted to med school, it should be very easy. Then in 15 years, you can trade her in for a newer model.

    • I've tried tinder, match. com, etc. Im from california and one problem I have with online dating is my name is ethnic (Indian), even though I look persian or italian/greek, so most girls avoid me because Indian guys have given off a creepy vibe here.

      True, I think overall I am well rounded I just dont know where to look. And I would like to have someone by the end of 2017.

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    • I won't disclose the sites I use because they have more women than men and I do not wish to upset that. Let's just say the women on the sites I use are looking for the kind of guy I am.

      The reference for you mother is that somehow, Indian mothers seem to get together and set their children up for marriage. You could also just hire a matchmaker in India.

    • You could try SA or a similar sb/sd site. With the right approach (med school) they can be more diverse than most would think.

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