$40 for two movie tickets? When did the world get this insane? How can anyone afford to date?

I'm taking my favorite guy out tonight and ordered two 3D tix. $18.50 each plus $3 service fee is $40! I wanted to go to Olive Garden but he wants Longhorn Steakhouse which will be at least $60 unless I only get salad. So I told him I can't buy popcorn and he got grumpy but dude, I'm not made of money and $100 in one night is already over budget.

Hats off to you guys who do this regularly. It really stinks.


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  • Yea glad you see what it takes to consistly have to pay for women

    Of course he got grumpy, because first it's not like women mostly pay and when they do, they can't even do the full service

    You are still low balling what most men do
    1. Add in gas for picking her up and dropping her off
    2. parking money
    3. Dinner before if you like or not
    4. movie tickets
    5. popcorn and drinks, chocolate
    6. And maybe even drinks after who knows

    100 bucks is the bare min for a night out
    more girls should try it lol

    • Fortunately we don't have to pay for parking here in the burbs

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    • Yea it's not inflation particularly it's these asshole companies raising prices like mad men... the dollar can fluctuate like 10% then stabilise but prices increase by over 50% sometimes and stay that way... its highway robbery

    • But the companies own costs are increasing as well. They raise costs because they're not making money. It's a vicious cycle.

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  • I think it's cool that you are taking the initiative to pay, but with something like that no matter which gender you are you offer to help pay when it becomes that expensive.

    • Just to be clear, I took my son out to dinner and the Lego Batman movie. I'm just saying if I was dating (which I'm not) I'd have a hard time doing this on a regular basis.

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    • I was just talking about the 80s last night. That's too funny. No, I don't watch that show but there was a preview for the next DespicableMe movie and it's 80s based.

    • Omgooosh you have to watch it! lol it's soooo funny. Ooh I'm going to have to check that out!

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  • GOT GRUMPY? He doesn't have even popcorn money? Get a job man and you - get another boyfriend that is more fun taking a walk than this guy with movies & steak.

    • Um, he's too young to work. "My favorite guy" is my son. Lol. I'm just commenting on the cost of dating in general.

    • I agree with you about cost - demand from those that can't invent good times is too great, movies too greedy.
      I also agree with "date", a movie w/o popcorn & other trimmings is best watched at home after the first release anyway.
      You would have enjoyed the 60's MUCH more with drive-in theaters!

  • Got grumpy😳? How come your favorite mate didn't offer to pay for your snacks or the ticket or something.

    I personally always offer to pay for my female mates! Just a how I was raised thing. They reject, cool! But the offer is there.

    But that aside, yep yep yep... prices are increasing heavily haha. Got to have a massive amount of coins stashed away to have fun these days lol.

    • Well my favorite guy = my son but yeah he could've used his allowance :)

    • Ohhhh haha, well that's a bit different. Hopefully you were seeing la la land or John wick 2 :).

    • Lego Batman! "Na na na na..."

  • It was halfway through a date exactly like this (so after the expensive movie but before the expensive meal) that a girl laughed about how much of my money she was spending and I immediately lost interest in her.

  • It does stink doesn't it!!!

    It's normal for guys who date regularly trying to find a woman to easily spend a couple thousand a month on dates if they go to dinner and movies and such..

    • You'd have to make a truckload of money to spend that much I dating.

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    • Yeah well that's why I don't date. I just can't afford it. Last night I was taking my son for a treat, but honestly we won't be doing that again soon, either.

      Still... Lego Batman!

    • Yeah I the cost is crazy I agree.. I stop'd doing things that cost money for dates years ago, especially for the first 1-3 dates. Normally just go for a walk around the lake or something like that.

      I'm pretty sure Lego Batman is mandatory! it looks soo good.

  • If you don't do it all the time then it's a treat and a way to pamper yourself alittle. That is nice your footing the bill.

    • Yeah, I've been working a LOT and Lego Batman came out so I took my son. It was awesome.

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    • No that's actually a sticker Tony Stark has in one of the Iron-Man movies! I forget which one.

    • Haha lol I forgot which one they have so many of them At least iron man will be seen again with spiderman

  • Holy crap. Just get regular tickets. The cinema near me only costs 12 bucks for two people. People can afford to date if they don't go to an expensive place like Olive Garden or Longhorn all the time.

    • Around here, those are the cheap restaurants unless you mean take-out which we've been getting all week and I'm sick of. I'm working a lot so I can't cook. The cheaper tickets are $12 a person but they were in the wrong time/ location for the restaurant.

    • wow. you must live in a more expensive city than i do.

    • Yeah, the East Coast is expensive.

  • Thank god for thepiratebay.

    • As a creative person who knows how piracy takes royalties from people that worked years to get their book published or movie made, that really disheartens me.

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    • My friend, another mom who works full-time, always wanted to be a writer. She worked for years to write a teen sci-fi romance. She wrote queries having no idea if the book was any good, finally got an agent, and finally got a book deal.

      The day before her big release, over 500 copies were downloaded by pirates before the book was even AVAILABLE on Amazon. She was devastated. All of her friends were totally shocked. She might have gotten 50¢ per book (I don't know her royalty deal) but still that $250 would have meant a lot to her family of five. And that was just one 24-hr-period.

    • Sorry to hear about your friend. To be honest i think piracy helps a little. For example before it, the movies here costed a fortune no matter what crappy movie who wanted to watch. Now the prices are affortable. Plus it forces cinemas to be competitive with each other. It also forces producers (publishers etc) to actually think again before putting a ridiculous price tag on practically everything. Trust me, if something is good, book, movie, song etc, people will watch it and get the original, even they get a pirated version...

  • If we are talking a 3D, plus movement experience, then thats about right. Its pretty cool with the moving experience. Wouldn't be like a run in the mill theather experience. However, without the movement experience to go with the 3D experience, then no, I wouldn't even consider it then. As for a regular movie theater, defiantly wouldn't pay that much

    • No, not moving. This is the price at the regular theater at the mall.

    • The regular (non-3D) movie would have been $12.50 pp but it was about 20 mins away so I opted to just pay for 3D. Lego Batman. You gotta see it in 3D! :)

  • If you are female, why do you care? The guy should be paying for the date.

    Also, $100 for a date isn't much. It is not unusual for a date of mine to be $500, and sometimes over $1k.

    • You're kidding

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    • Hell yes!

    • (Theoretically speaking)

  • $100 is not a lot of money but varies from person to person financial condition but still what an inconsiderate guy. He is acting like a child because mommy didn't buy him everything lol.


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  • "Hats off to you guys who do this regularly. It really stinks."
    Yea, that's why I offer to pay or at least split it.

    Your date sounds ridiculously expensive! I don't think I've ever been on a date that cost that much, even if it was just HIM paying (or insisting to pay).

    Girl, I'd be like "we're going on a Tuesday when tickets are half off", which they are near my house. Thankfully Chicago has A LOT of restaurants that are really, really good that will probably add up to like $40 for BOTH people and that's including tips and expensive dishes for both.

    Lol I don't miss dating because it sometimes got expensive for me but I did enjoy his company no matter what we did...

    • Tuesday is out because I work, and it's a school night for my son. I live near Philadelphia.

  • What sort of cinema is that? Its £2.50 in our cinema. Also bring your own snacks. Why isn't he paying any if he wants the more expensive place?

    • bring your own snacks hhahah... girls would laugh if a guy did that on a first date
      why isn't he paying... girls almost never pay on first dates... what your point?

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    • In my case, The only days I was he going on with people that I met on the Internet or something like that, ehere you go out somewhere public and have to pay. I'm a professional with a decent salary so I can't act like I can only do free stuff. Better to just forego. I've lasted this long.

      I used to wonder why divorced women wouldn't get remarried. I thought it was really sad and now I realize it's just a fact of life. You just learn to adjust your expectations to what it is. I spent time grieving over what I thought my life would be and the idea of love, but now I think I'm over it.

    • As far as cinemas go, the movie companies charge the cinemas so much to show the film that they make their money primarily on the concession. And you are not allowed to bring outside food in. People still will occasionally sneak something in but in general you have to pay for the popcorn or go without. Last night a small popcorn and a drink for him, and a cup of coffee for me totaled over $16. However I had $10 of rewards on my AMC loyalty card so that took care of most of it.

  • Yeah thats really expensive! Over here its $17.50 for tickets (student discount is $11.50 same as a child)
    Drinks are between $7-$14, popcorn $6-$12, ice cream/lollies $7-$13

    Its really shit but only go and see movies that are worth it