Is a female considered more "alpha female" if she takes initiative in dating (asks men out, pursued men, tries to make the plans, etc)?

I'm not asking whether you agree in the alpha/beta dichotomy or if it's right or wrong. I'm just wondering if this is seen as being more alpha for a female. My friends have told me I'm too alpha in the dating world because I don't make men work and I take the man role because I don't mind approaching guys, asking them out and messaging or calling them first or whenever I want, and I gladly pursue them. I also try to set up plans too and I don't let the dude take the lead. It's just who I am. I like being in control and knowing what's going on and having full honesty. If I'm into a guy, I will say so and show so. I message guys multiple times if I have something to say and I will be the first to call after a first date. It's just who I am. Am I more alpha? I don't boss guys around at all, by any means. I just like steering relationships in a certain direction that I envision.
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