Here we go again. I am attracted to a girl. Please help?

A new girl, same old story. I am attracted to this girl i met at work. I worked at this place a couple of months now, but i can't say I've seen her before. Until last Wednesday. Normally she works in the restaurant, but that day she had to work on the hardware department. Thats where i always work. So we were working together, and i dont remember how it started, but we got a conversation. Just normal talk about school and work and even some more personal stuff like her age and where she used to work etc... I asked her questions, she asked me questions. And even when our "current topic ran dry" and we both stopped talking for a bit, she switched the topic too to keep the conversation going, so at least she enjoyed talking to me? Though i didn't catch any signs from her that she might be interested in me. she's either being friendly or she likes me as a potential friend. Any advice on how i could possibly find out if she could ever go for a guy like me? I kinda sorta just happened to find her on facebook and it doesn't look like she has a boyfriend. Though her last post was 5 months ago, and a lot can happen in that time xD anyway, dont wanna seem like a creep to her either, but i really would like to get to know her better. No idea how to make that work though.. please help me lol


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  • Well, keep talking to her every time you meet her. If she has a positive reaction to it, then you can proceed on asking her out for a cup of coffee after work.


What Guys Said 2

  • " I kinda sorta just happened to find her on facebook..." 😂😂😂

    • Completely by accident xD wasn't trying to find out if she has a boyfriend or anything!

    • sure *coof coof* 😂 just talk with her... relaxed and certain. keep strong 💪💪

  • Ask for her # or ask her to go out for coffee


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