Have you ever been alone for so long that you, well, genuinely became okay with it?

I don't know if this is mentally healthy or not honestly. They say humans beings are built to crave intimacy and relationships and the like. I won't get into why because this isn't a sob story, but I kind of cooled off from dating and relationships many years back and unexpectedly, I actually ended up genuinely liking being alone. And when I mean alone, I mean ALONE alone. No dating, no relationships, none of it. I liked not having to deal with other people's drama or pushing their need for dependency on me.

Here's the thing. This has gone on for so long and because I'm so used to it, when someone tries to get closer to me or even express their feelings to me, I just, kind of end up just looking at them oddly. Well, not like, LOOK look at them oddly, it's mostly metaphorical, but I politely decline their advances.

Is this actually healthy? People have told me I might suffer from like, some extreme, final acceptance stage of solitude or something.


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  • I think a lot of people including myself can relate. But who do you go with when you want to see a movie? Who do you take to the work Christmas Party?

    • I have 3 real friends in my life, I usually go with them. Known them all my life.

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