YOUR OPINION - who should work around who?

Boy and girl are seeing each other...

Girl has been busy for past 4 weeks or so seeing her friends etc in every spare minute of free time and hasn't seen boy. Boy understands girl has social life so leaves her to chill with mates. Amongst her social schedule girl tries to fit boy in for a hangout at 11:00PM and will be told to leave second his eyes open at around 6:30AM. Keeping in mind boy would have to drive 35 minutes to work around her schedule to be told to leave in morning to drive 35 minutes home so she can continue with her schedule of friends etc.

Who should make the effort to drive 35 minutes if we're working around the girls schedule in this situation?

Her idea is that because she's busy with friends etc (we both work) that I should go there because she's busy and would be closer to work in the morning. It's to the point where I'm question myself and if I'm a shitty person for not petting around between her schedule and going where she asks but instead saying "you come here as you're the one to busy for me lately."

I've also asked numerous times over past four weeks when she's free, but she tells me she's too busy on her days off and I have to book in etc in advance to see her before she makes plans.


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  • She should since its around her.


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  • I'm listening to Jeru The Damaja right now-hes black btw-so go ahead and press the report button.


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