Dating gym guy?

So I started talking to this guy at the gym, he started to approach me so after month of talking I gave him my #. He waited about two weeks before he text me and he did it on Thanksgiving. He seemed really into me. Texting calling asking all those getting to know you stuff. So up to this date we have not gone out or hung out just still talking and texting. Our talking has been little more then normal then friends. But he started to slowly slow down on how often even thou it was still everyday all day texting and seeing each other at the gym. Well I started to notice certain girls comimg
up to him talking to him and stuff. Well last night I was talking on my phone at the gym parking lot to friend for about an hour then I seem him leave with this one girl, who would eye me down couple times before she would go up to him or work out next to him. Well last night she went over started working
out next to him after he came over and talked to me. Well I for some reason got really discombobulated never have before. He told me while back it was his home girl but last night I watched him walk
her to her car and he saw me when I was pulling away. So little later I said something about it he ignored me then when I said why are you ignoring me he gave me excuse his phone needed to charge: so I flat out said it bothered me and I know we are just talking but I saw you and it bothered me: he never responded and still has been one day. Not sure what to think at all. Do I just stop talking to him or wait it out?


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  • you're coming on way to fast

    • I am he was the one saying we are on the same page I haven't felt this way since high school and he was the one approaching me and texting me all in the beiging until this last two weeks, so how am I the coming on too strong?

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    • He also was always asking where I was each night and what I was doing... I think honestly he is loving the attention he gets at the gym from girls. I mean if he was into me we would of hung out by now since Thanksgiving remind you he text me the day of Thanksgiving non stop that day and the next day

    • I know that and I have said that to him but he is giving mix signals that is what I am getting and I didn't say anything about it till this last week after talking for 3 months

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  • Why so long without going on a date if you're interested in him? I would have moved on by now, it's just too long with no progress.
    If he hadsnt responded to your texts it seems like he isn't interested anymore

    • I was thinking he doesn't care what I think or how I was upset

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    • You've asked for opinions - I've given mine based on the information provided. I don't know any reasonable person who would wait over three months of just talking and saying hello in a gym before going on a date if they're interested in a potential relationship.
      Whether the conversations are just friends, flirty or sexual it's not a substitute for an actual relationship. If you feel that he owes you an explanation then ask him in person at the gym so he can't avoid it

    • I value what your saying and I am just saying what I see and what I have talked to him about it gives me something's to think about

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  • He is not interested in you beside SEX, HE DON'T LOVE ANYONE


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