Gals, doesn't body stubble itch prick and bother you?

Girls don't mind a guy who despite otherwise being very hairy, shaves and waxed it off.
But I guess it is still not as good as a man who is naturally less hairy / smooth skinned.
Nothing can be smooth to touch as it is for a natural less hairy man.
Guys esp who are otherwise excessive hairy, can't manage to keep it all shaved waxed stubble free all the time everywhere, so obviously it gets prickly itchy stubbly to touch and cuddle such a naked man.

How do you handle such a thing?
Why not prefer a naturally less hairy smooth man?

Don't you worry about producing hairy kids


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  • It's only prickly if he removes it. He should keep it and then he will soft and furry like a teddy bear ☺️

    • You like super hairy redhead bear hairy than smoothies?

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    • Even in super hot Summer it works for you?

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