Is it so hard to find someone suitable for you?

With the fear of being single looming ever so large...
Lol nah just kidding, I know we all have our own paces to finding the right one for us, we just have to be patient, right?
Although, with Valentines coming right up, maybe you can't help but think about why haven't you found your other half yet. So, with this poll, I want to ask you people if finding someone to like or date is as hard as it seems to be.

Ps. Extra info: Please don't be offended at everything, 😅
I think I'm somewhat attractive. And guys do come after me. But there really isn't a guy I find attractive. So here you go.

  • Yes, bro, it has been surprisingly hard for me. I get you.
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  • Nah, it has been hella smooth for me. 😏
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  • Er, I haven't even tried. I'm tiny bit of a lazy bum. Lol 💩
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  • It was somewhat smooth for me, and I actually needed to put in some effort to look for bf/gf.
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  • I was like that at 20. I'm still like that at 32. If you're really good looking, there just aren't as many people on the same level or above who are also single and also compatible.


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  • what's going on here. I'm ugly huge beast looking for princess.

  • i really dont care at this point

  • It's really hard but I guess I'm saving money


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