You invited your girlfriend over for dinner to meet the parents when they ask questions?

So you have been dating your first girlfriend for about 6 months and finally thought you would introduce her to your parents, the conversations go smoothly when bam! they ask " so have you guys done it yet? " you have done it but what would you say?
Your parents are very conservative and have said about waiting for marrige like they did before having sex. You have been hiding this from them up to this point.

Also what would you do if your girlfriends says you guys have done it a few times? and then everyone looks at you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would tell them it's a very inappropriate and some what disrespectful question that should not be discussed let alone at dinner with a guest and ask that they please apologize to our guest (make them feel like assholes basically that way it never comes up again) and if it does get reeeeeal dramatic say I'm going to cut this dinner short because if I wasn't raised to be this rude I know you shouldn't be behaving in such a mannor apologize for them and escort my date away then (if I live with them in this situation) come back home walk into what ever room they're in and say you should be ashamed of how you acted and walk out if I don't live with them send them a text then ignore them for a week or until they're sorry


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well if my girlfriend says we have then I might as well come completely clean on the subject. If she doesn't say anything about the subject I might lie and say I would wait until marriage.


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  • it's probably right to go on and be honest, hiding stuff might get you in shit later, especially if their asking you straight up..


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  • tell them you remembered to use a condom, so it's all good!

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