Movie date, do guys have expectations or it depends?

He was giving sign that he wanted to hold hand, get close etc.
he leans in really close to me most of the time. I feel that he tries to get closer and also lean in to talk a lot etc. but because I was shy ( first date ) I didn't react or talk back much during the movie. After the movie I can feel that he was dissapointed like he was expecting something. Because l I wasn't reactive to his flirting , attention and didn't talk back much in the movie will he think that im not interested in him and a turn off? But thats because im shy hahahha. And its just my thing when it comes to first date I don't get touchy or get close. But other than the movie time i did open up a lot we had great chemistry and convo flows.

Do guy usually have expectations in the movie or it depends?


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  • I dunno. Are you a popcorn person or nacho person and do you have clean hands at all times.


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  • I imagine it really depends on the individual. Anyway, you should have talked to him more. He probably assumed that you were not that into him.


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