What can I do to not be as nervous about this date (read)?

Okay, as of now I have a date for next Tuesday, Valentines Day. She's a waitress at a local restaurant/bar and I've seen her there several times before.

Here's how this all started:
So yesterday my family and I went out to lunch at this restaurant with my dad's friend. We ate and then my brothers and I went home while my parents and dad's friend stayed back for a few beers. Later on in the evening I get a text from my dad saying to come back to the restaurant because "there is a female here that wants to meet you" lmao. Turns out, it's this waitress there and she is a straight dime, like holy sh*t! Out of my league ahaha. I guess she had remembered seeing me there before and I guess she thought I was attractive enough to want to do this or whatever. I am astounded dudes, I still don't believe it. This was so random and came out of nowhere. I guess my dad's friend was really talking me up after I left, I have no idea wtf happened. He set this up, props to him. When I returned, we properly introduced ourselves and she was the one coming up with the plans for the date kinda. And we're planning on me picking her up and going to hot yoga next Tuesday, then dinner, then maybe a movie I don't know. I'm going to text her to see if she's still serious about it, she really seemed into it. The thing is guys, I've never even been on a date... shite😂. I'm so nervous because I'm socially awkward. I think I'll seen boring because I'll be nervous. And I'm worried about awkward silences haha.

This is the kind of stuff this site was originally made for guys, come on help me out lmao

What can I do to not be nervous? How do I not seem boring even though I'm nervous?

by the way she's 25😅, a little intimidating.
Thanks for your help guys. I think it went good.


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  • Just be yourself and keep the conversation going by asking her questions and getting to know her. First dates are always a bit awkward in the beginning unless you really know the person. Don't say anything bad about yourself though is the only tip I'd give you, just be confident. You got this.


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  • Be yourself and don't stress. Treat her like a dudemanbro but with respect. Things will only be awkward if you tell yourself it'll be awkward.


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  • Don t put her on a pedestal man.
    You re a good looking guy I am surprised you have issues in that area.
    The fact that she seeked you out should give you a huuuge ego boost and make you feel more comfident.
    Think about it man, you already know she s interested and find you attractive.
    On top of that she s actively planning it so yea she wants you.
    Just enjoy the attention and enjoy her. Have fun!
    Chill and just be yourself. If she likes you after that than great if not then your personalities just don t click.
    It s not that you re not worthy, people sometimes don t have that spark and you ll have it with someone else then.

  • so Yoga sounds pretty cool and different. Then yeah go for dinner, that's sweet and romantic. It will be busy so book somewhere for dinner ! ask her what kind of food she likes and find a restaurant that way. Also you could like take her some flowers or like a rose or something just because that's like super cute, and breathe, she asked you and from a girls point of view that's a big thing. she likes you clearly so just get to know each other, find out what she likes, what hobbys she had all that jazz and you'll be grand :) hope this helps !

    • Yes, that helps. Thanks✌

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    • If the weather is good after dinner go for a walk if the environment facilitates that :)

    • Okay I'll keep that in mind. Thanks so much!

  • Congrats on getting a date man!
    But don't stress it. Dates are supposed to be fun. Just relax, ask questions about her and share some of your life stories. Eventually things will just flow. You'll do fine. I believe in you!

  • Just relax and be cool.


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  • right on man thats awesome, the best advice i can give is don't take the whole date too seriously and put her on a pedestal and act like you have a lot of options with girls so she's not like super special and ur indifferent if it works out or not. Seem interested but not like super interested where she has u in the palm of her hand. tease her a little and give her back handed compliments throughout the whole date, not about mean stuff but funny things. When she shows up for the date say, " i thought i told u to wear something nice... o well that still works i guess" or "I think ur really pretty i don't care what everyone else says about u" Its when u seem too thirsty that girls are turned off.

  • Just do it and be glad your not a bitch like me that couldn't ask her anything