Your friend the detective seems suspicious of the guy you're on a first date with. Do you want to know why?

Scenario: you're friends with a detective who's just as smart as the ones on TV and can tell all about strangers with one look. You bump into this detective in a café, you say hi, and you introduce the guy you're getting to know on a first date.

You can tell the detective thinks your date has something to hide. You trust this detective, by the way, to be unbiased and not lie to you.

It's no trouble to take the detective aside for a quick, discreet chat. Do you want to ask what the detective has deduced, or take your chances and get to know your date on your own?
  • No, I don't want my detective friend to tell me anything. I'll make my own judgment about my date.
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  • Yes, I'll ask the detective what, if anything, might be unsavory about my date.
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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes I want to know all, take my blindfold off before I crash into that brick wall!
    but other themes could be afoot
    1) detective wants you for himself, if not being a protective brother sort
    2) only a trained FBI agent can determine if someone is lying better than 50% of the time, studies proved
    3) your guy may react weirdly around detective personas

  • Hell if Sherlock Holmes told me that something's weird I would want to know that

    • He's part of what inspired the question. I noticed the shows Monk and BBC's Sherlock had similar situations. In both instances, the detective was told he shouldn't have said anything about the date.

      Thought I'd see what some non-fictional women think. 😉

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