Why would he het angry after I indirectly said he just wants sex from me?

So I have this guy in my life and we tried to date a year ago and something happened that caused it to not work at that time. So he's come back into my life again.. he's actually known as a really nice guy etc and thinks I'm VERY pretty but I'm a bit paranoid because most guys I know want sex. So after I said to move on (because he does want sex & vice versa bit im in no rush) and find a next girl in that aspect.. he got ANGRY AF. Why would a guy get angry? My other guy friend said it's because he likes me and he'd do the same if it were him because it was ot. Please help

Does he like me?


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  • not every guy wants in between your legs. unless your a hoe and since your on here I don't believe you are. some guys just want someone to love someone to hold in there arms, ya know. I'd say give it a try and if he doesn't try anything the first 3 weeks keep it going.


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  • Because he might really like you and is upset that you think he's just another guy looking for sex or he's mad cause you figured out what he really wanted.


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  • Because you uncovered his plans, duh

  • just give him a taste if he wants some


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