I've Just Joined University And I Am Looking For Girls. So Far There Are Non For My Type ( I Have Been Looking For The Past Month Or So. What Do I Do?

  • Give Up Looking, Date One Which Is Already There (One What Is Not My Type)
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  • Keep On Looking Until You Find One Your Type (This Will Take Around A Year)
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  • Date One, Once You Find One Your Type Cheat On Her And Go With The Better One
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Most Helpful Girl

  • stop "looking". things like this can't be "found". they'll just kinda fall into place on their own

    • So you are telling me to be single?

    • Did i say to be single? no, I said wait and things will happen however they happen. A girl could come in your life tomorrow, but she could also take a decade. Just live life and don't focus on dating.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Damn! lol. The thirst is real. Lemme impart a little wisdom I had given to me when I was young... If you get quality girls, you're a ladies man. If you get QUANTITY... You're a MAN SLUT.

    Just be single for a bit, my man. The right girl will come along.


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  • Stop looking. Nobody's perfect for your perfect body -___________-


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