Did he only use me for sex?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago and we texted all the time we met up a few times and the last time we met up (Friday) we had sex several times while we were talking (before having sex) he told me that he really liked me several times and after we went on dates he told me he really liked me and we had really good conversation on all the dates and he told me he enjoyed them and they were fun anyways I went over on Friday and we had dinner and then we had sex and watched a movie and cuddled and talked some more and everything was good he was still really sweet and all and we talked about where we stood exactly and he said we're seeing each other and we're just going to go with the flow and he said he wasn't seeing anyone else and I left later on and then when I left I texted him saying I know you said you weren't seeing anyone else but that also means you don't want to see anyone else right? And he never replied to my text and it's been a whole day which is super unusual because he always replies so pretty much did he just use me for sex and everything else was an act? Also what should I do? Do I text him again and confront him or do I not say anything?


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  • He might have actually been offended by your question. It implies that you have been seeing other people and you want to know if he's expecting you to stop seeing them. Meanwhile, he's pretty much said he's all about YOU and hasn't been seeing anyone else.

    • But when we talked about what we were I told him that I wasn't seeing other people and my text said " Ok wait quick question I asked if you're seeing anyone else and you said no, but I never asked if you want to be seeing anyone else? Sorry I'm being obsessive about this, I just want to make sure we're on the same page" do you think that made it look like I wanted to see other people?

    • Oh! No, that doesn't sound that way. I thought you said you asked him if he wants YOU to stop seeing other people. My bad. In that case, it's rude of him to not respond. It's a valid question if you want to know whether you guys are exclusively seeing each other or not.

    • I'd say give him some more time. If another day passes and you don't hear from him, it's not a good sign. But, maybe you could call him and clear things up. If he's not sounding as serious about you as he seemed the last time, that would be the time to let him go.

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  • Text him again I'm sure he likes you. If boys are just in it for sex, they wouldn't put so much effort in it.

    • I know a couple of guy who would go to certain lengths just to get laid like you wouldn't believe how far they'd actually go

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    • I know what you mean... I'm not like that at all, but I've heard things like that happening to a friend of a friend of mine. It's sad and pathetic

    • Yeah it is.. :(

  • I would give him maybe one more day? But if he still dosent reply text him again