Girls, do you need explanation when your date/your boyfriend did something bad or did hurt you? Or just an apology without any excuse?

When your date/your boyfriend did something bad or did hurt you, and he felt sorry for it, so he apologized.

Which do you prefer?
An apology without any explanation why he did it, just an apology and he felt sorry for doing it.
Or, an apology, he felt sorry for doing it, with an explanation why he did it (will you find it as an excuse?).

As a woman, which one will make you feel better?
Would it be different if he isn't your boyfriend, let's say he is your date, or even he is just a friend?
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  • Without an explanation
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  • He is my boyfriend, a date or just a friend of course matters a lot to me. If my boyfriend did sth bad to me, I need to know what he did in detail, why he did it, maybe sth else. But as for a date I don't wanna know so much. I am more tolerant of plain friends.

  • I would want an explanation for it regardless of who he is. An apology is a good start but you should explain what you did wrong and try not to do it again.


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