Is a girl not mentioning her boyfriend to a guy she knows a sign of interest as In she's crushing?

Let's say they're clearly on good terms with one another and she shares aspects of her personal life with him like how she's going to some place on the weekend but says she's going with friends but you find out that she went with her boyfriend.

Is she likely crushing, like why had that fact from someone when it's so easy to mention?


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  • Of course not.

    • Why not?

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    • It means she wanted to use the other person as an ego boost. It also means she is a terrible person who doesn't care about the feelings of others

    • Did she at least find the other guy attractive?

      And how should that guy react to her if he ever sees her again?

What Guys Said 1

  • People like attention from others. I makes us feel good. Everyone wants to be desired and liked. Also, maybe you saw signals there that she wasn't sending.


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