Guy wanted to mess around then didn't text me the rest of the week?

I've been on and off talking to a guy for a few years now (we have never officially dated, we just kind of talk when we are both single and flirt with each other) and on Monday he asked me if we could meet up to cuddle and "stuff" and I told him for sure that I would be off these days. Well, we didn't really text the rest of the week too much (he has been more distant lately prior to this too) and then the days come that I was able to hang out and of course, he doesn't contact me. I texted him on each day, no response. I don't know if he just maybe found someone else to hangout with or he didn't want to after all but I did find it rude that he saw my snap chats and didn't even text me back. I thought maybe he didn't get my texts, but even if that was the case he wouldn't snap chatted ME and ask me when i was free to hang out... if he really wanted to?


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    He may be busy or doesn't have anything to talk about. YOU contact HIM to make SURE he hasn't turned you down.


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  • He lost interest


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