He wants to see me but seems annoyed when I ask him to pay for my trip?

We met online and have been talking for nearly 4 years but never met in person yet and we have a long distance relationship we live in 2 different states. He has never made a plan to see me because he has work and a kid is what he always reminds me. But has always been seemingly depending on me to pay for my trip myself to go see him but has NEVER once offered to pay for my trip or pitch half the money for my airline ticket.

So there's has been very few times barely (NOT a lot) I have asked him to AT LEAST pay half of the money for my airline ticket and each time, he has seemed very annoyed and turned off with a rude tone and sometimes making excuses and pretends to pay his half but never mentioned it again whenever we did talk the day after but everytime I mentioned it to him, he acts very irritated with it.

Eversince we have been talking, I have NEVER once asked him for any type of financial favors at all but only when I asked about the plane ticket. But am I wrong for asking him for money at all? I really like and have strong feelings towards him and he feels the same way about me so should I confront this issue or drop the relationship? Or should I pay for my own ticket and go there to spend time with friends and family and forget about him?


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  • well, if he's travelling to see you and paying for his own ticket, then i understand why he's annoyed, otherwise i dont see what his problem is, he should pay half

    • I have communicated with him that I have been desperately trying to save money for my airline ticket But personal family financial obligations kept getting in the way so it's not like I'm trying to use or decieve him and he knows that.

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  • its okay to ask to have the trip paid for... or ask him to come see you... guy seems really difficult deep down


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  • Ask him to come see you.

    • I have done that and his response is that he cannot leave for vacation considering that he has a job and a baby.

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