Is he indirectly saying he still cares about me?

Last year, I had a fling with an ex for a few months after reconnecting, even visiting him in his college town and talking all the time. He ended it because although he really did like me, he didn't think starting a relationship long distance was a good idea. We stopped talking, although he did stalk me online excessively over the summer, and got really annoyed at another guy for talking to me too much at a party. I got annoyed and blocked him on most social media except snapchat.

We were best friends before we dated, and he kept looking at my snapstories for a few months. I recently broke up with someone else, and was feeling upset so I sent this guy a snap message saying that I could see him looking at my stories. He just said "Block me." I then just said that I missed him as a friend too and that I wish I could talk to him about my break up but I can't and we shouldn't be friends. He opened the messages but didn't say anything else, just keeps on looking at my snapstories knowing I notice.

He's quite an awkward, quiet guy. Is he just basically saying he still cares on some level?


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex


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  • No, that doesn't mean he still cares on some level. If he cared, he would have told you so.


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