Girls, what do you really look for in a guy? Detailed and genuine answers appreciated! :)?


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  • 1. Someone who has a sense of humor, isn't always serious and in a bad mood
    2. A guy who is employed and who has a car
    3. Tall over 5"10 at least
    4. Likes cuddling and enjoys communicating with me
    5. Someone who always wants to spend time with me
    6. A guy that does not have a lot of female friends
    7. A guy that is not metro-sexual (obsessed with fashion)
    8. Long dread locs or short hair cut, but most be attractive and in shape.

    • Thanks for your detailed answer. I do have some thoughts on your response:

      1.) I get that.
      2.) I'm a college student, do I have to be employed?
      3.) I'm 5'10, so I guess I don't make the cut?
      4.) I get that.
      5.) Wouldn't you find this intrusive/annoying/desperate?
      6.) I get that.
      7.) I get that.
      8.) What do you mean by be attractive? What do you find attractive?

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  • Status, height, looks, maturity, money, good job, nice car, exciting, chivalrous, muscles


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  • All girls look for different things in a guy... I'm a girl that usually falls in love emotionally... you can be "ugly" or "handsome" I don't care about what you have or what you look like.. as long as you make me happy and treat me right ❤ :)

    ... okay unless you're like 7+ years older than me THEN I care about what you look like lol

  • Like does he have a motorcycle? Can his mother make me food? Doesn't take much to please me... A simple girl 😊


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