After fights my boyfriend texts other girls?

So anytime after my boyfriend and I have a fight (which seems to be a lot lately) he get on snapchat and Facebook and messages a bunch of girls. Recently we had a really huge argument while he was drunk and it ended with me basically thinking our relationship was over. The next day while I was at work he texted me and wanted me to call him as soon as I could, and when I did he apologized profusely, and continued to for the rest of the day. I was worried that he was apologizing for more than just the fight so I went through his phone and found that he was texting this girl that I previously asked him to block completely. He doesn't even like her personally so I feel like he did this to spite me. Obviously I can't tell him that I found this, but should this serve as a base for me wondering where our relationship is going and if I should even continue with it?


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  • Drop him he doesn't respect you.

  • Time you moved on


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