He never responded?

So I'm dating this guy... he's very complex. And it's confusing me. Long story short... he says he's normally used to no phone calls... seeing a girl very little and texting once in a while to see if one another is alive.
Well... he's going on vacation in a few days... weeks ago I asked what day he leaves he said the 16th. I asked well what are you doing the 14th he said working but I'm off at night... why are you looking for a vday date? I said maybe baby. ... he said okay well maybe I can see you that evening. But then last week I asked again what his travel dates were... he said he leave the 14th... confused I told him if our conversation and he said nope... must be mistaken. ( this is either... true... a lie... or he's made plans with someone esle)
Anyways we've had a discussion about his lack of efforts... or seeing me so little... one a week or once every 11 days or so. He says he's busy... which I know his work schedule if insane and he does have family friends and activities too. I just don't feel very prioritizes. However he has been trying. ... texts me every day and such. I didn't know what his dating past habits was like until a few days ago. I just thought he was just not interested but now after talking with him I can see he's really trying. But it seems there's been a lot of mini arguments... or disagreements or differences of opinions if you can call it that.
I feel I'm over thinking everything because I'm not used to this kind of dating paterns. And have never met a man who does it his way. ( mind u we've only been dating 6 weeks) he's only ever had 1 real girlfriend who he loved which was the one similar to him in the very little contact way.) Every other girl he told them how he is from the getcho and they would run. but with me went about it a different way because he said he was ready and really wanted to try with me.
So... we had that discussion this week... because I had said let's try texting more and he didn't like that. Then I decided to wait and let him ask to see me. Which he did Friday. We went out for a great dinner came back cuddled and talked. It went very well and I was happy and content after with where we were. That night he said he was free the rest of the weekend so I asked if he's like to sleep over sat night and hang with me all Sunday. He said sure!


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  • Give him time.

    • I wasn't able to write everything in this family forum.

      But he canceled on out plans cuz he got in a fender bender..
      And I asked if he was still coming to see me he said no he has no car.
      And them he hadn't replied since.

      I send him this message today... Hey you , I realize you were having the worst possible day and all upset yesterday. It wasn't my intention to add anymore stress to it hun. Sorry if I did at all. I was just trying to give helpful ideas but I don't think it came across that way:( I hope your having a better day, thinking of you!

      Still never replied since 6 pm yest day. He's never don't that before

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    • So what u think of his breakup text. ?

    • got the message

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  • No one can be that busy. If I were you, I would stop wasting your time with him.


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