Prom date problems. What should I do? Please help!!! Both girls and guys takes appreciated?

So, I asked my crush to prom through text. We're from different schools and I'm a junior and he's a senior. While we were texting, the topic about prom popped up in our conversation and he asked what the theme is for my prom and I wrote that I don't know yet and I asked about his. He said he doesn't like prom and isn't going so he doesn't know. I said that I love prom and he wrote back that my school's might be different. That was when I decided to ask him, and asked him if he would like to try it out himself. He replied to check whether I'm asking him to prom and then said yes.
Is it bad that I asked him so early (prom is in 2 months) and did so through text? And do you think he likes me if he said yes to my invitation although he hates prom? And most of all, how do you ho to prom with a guy who said he hates it?


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  • Just be straight with him and tell him to be straight with you. If he agreed to go he obviously cares about you in someway because he's willing to do something he doesn't want to for you. So I would say at the least, you know he cares about you


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  • From the way you've phrased the conversation - he could have meant his response about your prom in two ways. 1) maybe i wouldn't hate it if i went with you! or 2) oh shit, sorry didn't realize you were into it, yours will probably be fun

    if he immediately jumped to asking about being your date, it sounds like he had the first one in mind! Hooray! Try not to make it a huge event for the two of you, don't let it take over the next 2 months of conversation, keep them going as normal and in a few weeks you can jokingly give him a guilt-free pass if he wants to get out of it - then you won't feel like you're pressuring him in any way, and you'll have a bit more time to gauge his feelings :)

    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you a lot! And also, he said he doesn't like school dances so how to make the evening nice for him? He won't know anyone there, so should we go to a restaurant with a group or should it be just the two of us? And what to do if he doesn't want to dance?

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    • Thank you a lot for the advice!

    • Of course!! Best of luck girl :)

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  • I think its fine the way you asked and if he said yes it doesn't necessarily mean that he likes you


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