Guys, If a guy I date suddenly becomes PDA (who claims to have never been one), is that a sign he might be falling for me?

On one of our conversations about a month ago, he told me that he had never been the kind of a guy who publicly showed affection with his ex-girlfriends. He just never saw the need to do it in public.

But on our most recent two dates, I realized he was publicly showing me affection. Like when we sit just to relax a bit, he would look at me and we kissed for a few minutes. That happened regularly. Or he would hold me by my waist, and kissed me. It's definitely not a sexual kiss. Then while we walk, he would always take my hand and kiss it. Otherwise he would just hold it. Hugs were frequent too. Like he would just hug me while we were standing in the train.

My question is if he suddenly becomes a PDA kind of person, might he be falling for me?


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  • It may mean that yes. I don't know though. You could ask him. :)


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