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So this guy I hooked up with a year ago.. didn't speak or anything for a year. Until we reconnected on tinder. We went out and it's was great. We had a really great night with each other. He told me he was ready for something serious. I truthfully believed him. And he told me that he really liked me and was scared because his ex made him loose faith in love. Well that night we did end up hooking up I thought it was fine because we already had sex in the past. We went out to breakfast the morning and then we went our separate ways. We texted a little bit during the week nothing like consistent which was ok. We met again and also had a really good night with each other but the next morning was kind of weird he didn't even kiss me goodbye. So I texted him and asked him i said "I need to know if you see me as nothing more than sex" I got no reply. See this guy is a player and I know this. So this why I asked becAuse it did just seem like it that night. So when he didn't respond I was just assuming ok he played me and never really wanted anything serious. Today I went to go check out his tinder for some reason and he changed his bio to no hook ups ladies. So he does want something serious but why not with me. I was there for him that night when him and his brother got into a fight. I just don't understand how he went from really liking me to not talking to me. Or why couldn't he just answer my text? Did I do something wrong? Or is he just scared to like me? Will I hear from him?


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  • So you haven't heard from him at all since you sent that text?

    • No it makes me feel like shit

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    • I know I just don't understand why he would say things he didn't mean when he didn't have to. It's really fucked with my head

    • It is for sure! I think we've all been there and it totally sucks. I don't understand why people aren't more blatantly honest

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