Female friend giving me these long glances at my lips and holding my hand, does it mean anything?

She knows I like her. Basically she rests her head on me a lot and likes hugging me from the behind, and purposely tries to make me blush. Then when we get to class she'll take my hand and hold it and just look at me, primarily my lips. Then when we talk she'll look at my lips and I don't think she's paying attention to me because she rarely responds and if she does it's in 1 word, and then she'll look at my eyes. She's did this a few times when I wasn't looking and if I caught her she'll either look away or if I ask her what she was doing she'll just say "Nothing, honey" in this shy voice. Is this normal behavior for friends? I really want to date her, and would like to ask her out this week. So do these "signs" mean anything?


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  • I think your female friend is physically attracted to you.


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