Slept with him on the first date. What do you think?

So I've been texting with this guy for a few days and we've even spoken on the phone a few times. When we finally went out and met I think it was going great! We talked, we talked about possibly seeing each other again, we talked about stuff we may do together.
After dinner he invited me over to his place to watch movies. I knew it meant he wanted to make out too etc. So i went and we slept together. I slept over. But as i was leaving his place he seemed disinterested. When I changed and went to the living room to get my stuff he didn't even get up. The only time he got up was when i dropped my things because i couldn't see in the dark! So he got up to turn on a light. Then as i was leaving he didn't give me kiss or hug or anything. He just said thanks for coming over - which is a classic "it was only sex" goodbye.
I didn't hear from him the rest of the day so o texted him first. He texted me back but very general unlike his previous texts which were interested in me and how I'm doing. He just said he had fun and thanks me for coming out. No text after that.

My questions are:
So was he in it for just sex?
Or was he turned off by the fact i slept with him on the first date? We've been talking all week so i did get to know him a bit.

He just seemed so genuine to me that's why I'm confused. And he said he wasn't after the sex, he wanted to get to know me.

Oh... he also got out of a very long relationship that ended badly 7 months ago.
Since he used me obviously... would it be bad for me to text him something along the lines of - nice meeting you. Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for.


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  • Yeah he just wanted sex. I don't get how girls would "give the cookie" on the first date.. like cmon 😒


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  • Sounds like he used you.


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  • M8... sounds like you were a rebound one night stand.

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