What does it mean when a guy says "I came back to see you " ?


So I'm a cashier while in college. A cute guy was buying laundry detergent and came into my line. He was really really tall and had blue eyes. He came in my line and I noticed the women behind him kept eyeing us both and looking at us but didn't say anything. So finally he leave and I'm helping this women she says you too would be cute for eachotber! That be cute if you dated he's really tall (Probably 6'0 or more) and I'm really really short (5'0) so she said that. Then I noticed she kept looking to the side and saw the guy walk back in and she's like he just walked back in you should get his number. I think he came back to see you. I'm shy and awkward so I laughed it off. Anyway I had a line for awhile but I was trying to see where in store he was or if I could see him I noticed he kept purposely walking by almost waiting for my line to go down. Finally he comes back to my line and I'm like hey again! He's like hey... I'm back, but I really came back just to see you again (He did buy little random stuff ) and I blushed and laughed. And he went on his way ☹️ Anyway my friend yelled at me saying I should of got his number and stuff. I said he only came back cause he forgot something! My best friend said no he came back to see you!! For real ! I didn't believe her... would a guy come back to see a girl? Or do you really think he forgot something? I'm not sure I thought he just said it to be nice or funny but people seem to think he generally meant it Thoughts?


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  • He definitely likes you if he wants to see you and likes talking to you and takes the only opportunity he knows to be able to talk to you

    • But if he liked me wouldn't he have asked for my name /Number?

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    • @adventureawaits but it makes me double guess wether he really came back for me or for something he forgot. In my head , if he came back for me he would of gave me his number or asked for mine and he didn't

    • No one tells someone that they came back to see them so they could buy an item they forgot. It takes a lot of guts to say that kind of thing, and no one just says it for fun.

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