One month break?

we've been dating for 10 months. After graduating, he got a job and very busy. Im still in college. HE works 6days per week, 10 hrs per day. He lives one hour driving from me so that means we can only see each other on Sunday. we spend less time together, he doesn't text me often as he used to and we fight a lot because I want him to text me more. But he told me he is exhauted after work and sometimes just want space for himself. and we start to have distance. Every time we fight, I always say I want to stop seeing him and we don't talk for days. I felt frustrated because we couldn't work thing out and wanted to quit but after couple days I started to miss him and we talked again. But recently we got into really big fight and didn't talk for a week. We then talked again but he wanted to take a break for a month and think about this. He told me he is already stress at work, he doesn't want to add more stress into his life and when we fight, it will make him sad and cannot focus on work. Its been a week. He is traveling outside country and will be back in 3 weeks and then tell me his decision. I am really sad. What should I do?


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  • Hmmm I know sweetie what you going through. I've been there, experience it before, and that was a horrible relationship I was with. I can relate to you a lot with my first ex boyfriend. But me my ex we live close. Problem for me was he was busy working and he did not text me a lot and I wanted us to communicate and be together a lot but he never gives me good signs and he doesn't really communicate well with me so I broke up with him. But not for long I gotten into a new relationship and I'm happy now because my new second boyfriend is a lot more communicative with me.
    Anyways girl if he really loves you he will make time for you no matter what. Even if his working he will spend at least 5-10 minutes per day talking to you. But you have to understand him too because he has to focus on work. Work is important. And because you both live hour away that is nothing. I'm in a long distance relationship now and my boyfriend he works in farm and he trains jujitsu sport and he does running so he is always busy but I know that he always makes time for me no matter what.
    So my advice to you girl wait for your boyfriend until he comes back from his holiday an see what he says to you. And if he loves you an really wants you he would try to be with you as much as he can. He would try to move close with you.

    • he actually texts me before he goes sleep every day. I want this to work out but I don't know what to do. he is a nice guy. he cares for me. we always have fun when we see each other just the communication is not enough.

    • I know I think us all girls are like that we like to talk to our man a lot. Guys actually don't like talking a lot. It's their nature. Well that is good news then. Why should you be too worried then. Patience and trust is the key.

    • Thank you! Will see how it goes. One month is really long for me. :(

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  • It's over permanently and completely and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. This "break" word is deceptive. It makes you think he'll want you in the future which never happens.


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