I just want to be with a beautiful, sexy woman. Why can't I?

I just want to skip all the small talk and have her here with me all the time. I get home from work, and there she is in the doorway smiling at me, knocking the wind right out of me, heart skipping a beat. Why can't I have this in my life? I barely even get any matches on Bumble or Tinder. I'm in my mid-late 20's and it's a lost cause! I have zero experience with women. It just sucks.
I just don't understand how women can't look at me and see that "oh this guy has potential," or that "there's something different about this guy," that might trigger some interest. I really try to put on my best face and make it obvious to those around me. I don't look or act like a rat. I just don't get it how someone hasn't come along yet.


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  • The way you speak, and knowing who you are, and being comfortable with yourself.. you sound amazing!☺

    • Well thanks but if you saw me, you probably wouldn't think so. Not that I'm ugly or anything, I'm just not anything special looking.

      Outside of my looks, there's a lot of good stuff going for me, but I'm not going to pretend that I look like a male model, even when I try to have good style. I'm not being negative, just realistic.

    • All of this IS what makes you special. Humble, kind... wanting to give from you heart. Outter beauty fades dear, but a kind heart remains☺

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  • you might want to do some changes, ladies can see what you offer even without askibg or talking to you... if she sees you have a fantasy fairytale in your head it might work for some ladies but there are those who spot it a mile away n turn the other way... ladies like mystery!!!

    you can't have everything... that's a dream picture you have in your mind n not all our dreams come true... unless we put in some effort... so don't just expect that beautiful picture to happen to your life.

    put in the effort.
    work on yourself... your game... your confidence... your style... your wardrobe... personality.

    slowly you'll start to notice women in your circle paying attention... n this will give you the confidence to approach that beautiful sexy lady you have in mind.

    • you can't skip small talk n expect to have the magic... otherwise you'll get an easy girl... don't be lazy n put in the work so that you can enjoy the prize!!!

    • You act as of girls can sense this stuff. Then why can't girls sense that I'm a quality dude?

    • maybe they sense this is someone who believes he's got what it takes to have any girl which somehow comes off as corky.
      SOME women love this... so you might get lucky.

      but since this attitude has not been working out for you through the years then it should tell you that its time to change it.

      be humble/reserved let her be the one to decide that you're a quality dude.

      you can't make the decision for the girl.

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  • Look into your friend group. Focus on getting know the girls you already know. Beauty can be a funny thing that doesn't always include looking good.

  • Maybe because you're not a beautiful, sexy guy?

    • So that's really it, huh? That's all it takes?

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    • Denial.

      @Rsong I actually used your dads braincells to come up with it. Thanks for asking.

    • ah. It sounded like like him when he is manic. Visions of grandeur and all. Seems you picked up some symptoms of his bipolar disorder. Careful now,@ButtHurt, his people skills have cost him two wives, four of his children's affection and his job. Don't want you to become bitter AND alone.

  • If you are not beautiful why would a beautiful woman would want you? Maybe if you had money...


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  • Your defeating attitude isn't gonna help. If you go into a game believing you're not gonna win, believing it's a lost cause, then you're gonna lose.
    Go out there and talk to beautiful, sexy women. Get to know them, and don't just think about their bodies. Talk to as many as you can. The more you talk to, the more chances to finding the right one.
    I would stay away from Bumble and Tinder, they're not places to look for girlfriends.

    • You missed the part where I want to skip the small talk lol but seriously, it isn't so easy. I worry about my imperfections turning off women. My few extra pounds and less than perfect teeth. Even if I wasn't concerned about them, would they hold me back from getting what I wanted?

    • That's my problem. I think too much. I can't just shut my brain off and go and live in the moment.

    • I didn't miss that part, I decided to ignore it because it's virtually impossible to get a girl if you don't get to know her. Some way or another, you gotta talk to her, and usually at the beginning, that involves small talk.

      Your few extra pounds can be a problem. Beautiful sexy women, want handsome and sexy men, if you're not that, then you better have an amazing personality.
      Your teeth may not be much of an issue if they're not crooked.

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