Guys, Guy sits by me in Sunday School... starts breathing a little deeper?

He has been doing things like complimenting me and staring. I think he has been dropping hints that he likes me. When we were going to do a duet... he said we could use the microphones on opposite sides of the church and gaze into each other's eyes from across the room as we sing. He looked at me funny when he said it. His words... not mine. There are times when he is talking to me that he can't look me in the eye. Earlier that day he complimented me saying that he liked my red dress. I've worn it before so it wasn't new or anything. We were in a new building. He came in the room and sat by me. I had said something about the room needed decorations and I think he was picking on me. He said he would put me in charge of decorations. (He was joking). Then I said I'd paint the room pink. He looked at me with his mouth open and said... uhhhh. Lol. I don't think he wanted the room pink. Then some girls came in and said down. I think the girls that were sitting across from us were noticing that he all of a sudden he started breathing a little deeper.. their eyes got big. Both of them are engaged to other guys (their guys weren't there). There was an engaged couple in the room and there was a married couple. There was also another guy... and then there was me. I'm the only unattached girl. So if other people were thinking he was nervous... they'd figure out quick it was most likely because of me. He kept switching positions... in his chair- crossing and uncrossing his legs in different ways, dusting off his jacket with his hand, then fixing his jacket so it was straight, touching his hair. I've never been around someone that has done that before. When I have smiled at him he looks at me and jaw drops. Sometimes when he first sees me he jaw drops. What would cause him to start breathing a little deeper? Was he really nervous? I don't have a lot of experience. Help!


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  • so do you teach in Sunday school or learn?

    • It was the college and career class... so I was hearing the bible story. I didn't have any kids in my class. I teach prek kids.

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    • I think he might be nervous.

    • or not genuine

  • to me, it seems like he has a crush on you


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