My ex and I are friends with benefits, is there any chance of us getting back together?

Hi guys so recently I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 months around 5 months ago and ever since then I've been lonely as fuck. Then recently, my other ex, or should I say my first love started talking to me again and we hit it off perfectly. We were together for 6 months before he broke it off in early 2016 and ever since we've been talking we have been getting along well. We decided to settle on friends with benefits simply because we both thought it was a good idea since none of us wanted any commitment. Most of my friends believe though that me and him will end up getting back together because he has always been in and out of my life ever since our breakup. Eg: he is always there to comfort me and talk to me about my issues or if anything went wrong with any guy, he was my advice man. Do you guys think there is a chance of us getting back together? We see each other almost everyday, we have the same classes for everything, same friendship group when hanging out and even in the same project groups all the time!

To be honest, I think it would be nice to get back with him because he was a great guy and overall, he never stopped caring. But I'm not certain we will get back together. My best friend is 100% sure we will and so far she has never been wrong about anything that has happened to me so far. Please help! I really hope there is a chance!

What are your thoughts?


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  • Feminism fucked you over guys no longer have to give two shits if your willing to Fuck with no attachment why would he consider it?


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  • I would say so?

  • Why did you guys break up at the beginning?

    • We broke up because he said he wasn't ready to take it further and he didn't want to break it on later on while our feelings were deeper and already attached

    • If your feelings is still strong, I think you need to curb it a little and express it only subtly. See if the guy is ready to move to the next step. He's a great guy and all but what's important is your happiness. So, either his future is compatible with yours or you just need to let him go. Best of luck!

  • Nope. Side piece. Period.

    • what makes u say that?

    • 1.) Ex
      2.) Friends with benefits

      Those 2 combined = easy ass for life

  • i guess you do have a chance


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