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Went out on 2 dates with a guy (me 27, him 32). Only wanting a casual hookup relationship (on both ends). Both dates went great.

Problem is that I have to initiate all of the contact. He did one time after I told him that he doesn't seem interested. He has cancelled 2 of the 4 dates (every other, which were the ones I set up). During our 2nd date he was very fun, enthusiastic and told me that he's definitely interested. He was very affectionate and teasing. He explained that he doesn't like using his phone, doesn't have social media apps or anything, he's more of an in person, type of person. Which I get, but I'd still try if I was interested. I send him one text a week, just to feel him out. He always responds within minutes and has told me that if I want to get together again to let him know. I'm not sure what to make of the hot when together, non existent when apart. Mainly I'm just wondering if I can/should initiate another hookup or if I should just let him loose. I'm not the type to be the aggressor.


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  • Let him go. If you have to be one that always initiates it, he's not interested. If he was, he'd initiate it too at times. Sounds like he just waits for you to come to him


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  • Oh god I'm in this exact situation at the moment. Don't have any advice unfortunately but following for other people's opinions 😖


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