For GUYS who are GUILTY of playing games to win over your crush, this poll is for you?

We are all guilty of playing games. Im NOT talking about cheating on a girlfriend or a boyfriend or silly, I don't want to admit I like you type of games. I'm referring to the harmless games. The type of games you play when you first meet someone. Like when you meet someone new and you don't want to come across as too keen so you take two, three minutes to respond to a text. Surely we are all guilty of this? As a girl myself, I'm aware of the type of harmless games girls play. What I want to know is what type of games do boys play?
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  • I wouldn't call them "games" but I very openly flirt. I'm pretty sure it's obvious. I'll just be a smart ass to them, be sarcastic, make witty remarks, etc. I don't date actually but I do flirt because it's fun

  • it's annoying but it seems like girls need guys to play games to win them over


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