When do I stop trying?

So there's this guy that I have been interested in for a good while now. I feel that he was also interested in me. He was giving me all the signals, flirting with me, chatting to me on social medias, telling me deep personal issues etc. However nothing ever came of it because we worked together. We don't work together anymore, both have different jobs now and recently we've been back in touch. I tried setting up a work night out so I could see him again and see what would happen then but the night out never went ahead as the majority couldn't attend. I was still going out that night with some friends from college so I asked him to come along if he was still wanting to go out. He said he would but he didn't know any of my college friends so he'd feel uncomfortable which is completly fair. However, then I got to thinking if he was really that into
me he'd come out matter what right? Anyway after that night out he continued to send me the odd snapchat to which I haven't responded to most because I don't want to waste my time if he's just not that into me. Now im stuck between forget him and move on or try one more time? And if I do try again how and what do I do? Please help. I like him much more than I thought I did.


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  • just be straight up and ask him

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