Why does he watch me all over social media and not text back?

This is not my boyfriend. Its my friends with benefits. He never initiates anything but when i do he is always down. We don't always have sex sometimes we just hang out. And he doesn't initiate the sex either, its always me. He hugs and kisses me a lot as well. I don't text him all the time because i dont like him like that but when i do sometimes he ignores it. Whenever he does message me its when it's impossible to hook up. He likes my pictures on Facebook and watches all of my Snapchats but can't respond to a text. I don't get it?


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  • He doesn't like you outside of a purely sexual context either so he doesn't care enough to text back. He'll be on sFB and see you around so he'll throw you a like, or he'll be watching snapchat stories and yours will come up because of the autoplay feature.

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