Should men believe Women or act totally the opposite?

I've been at college for about 2 years, made plenty of friends and met many guys and girls and texted dozens of girls and went out with a few, before that i dated 2-3 girls at work and had a couple gfs, according to everyone iam a pretty attractive guy (wish i knew during highschool lol) ...

Anyways, i remeber the first girl i ever went out with and grew to like because she was pretty and had desirable qualities, I was really nice, cared about her and showed her that after going on 3 dates together, what i got in return was that she ignored me, hurt me and acted mean... i retailiated by acting like a typical badboy, becoming more attractive (facial hair, and new style ), ignoring her ( according to an article i read) and ohhh boy did she come back crawling to me, we remained friends though due to other issues.

Which brings me to the big question : should men actually listen to women if they ever wanna get a shot with the woman they want? women claim to want sensitive men but go for unemotional guys, they want nice guys but usually date guys with a hint of assholeness in them who aren't afraid to be asses to these same women, they want guys to be clear but choose guys who never actually admit to liking them... and before you say anything i did all of the above and it works, quite a lot if i may say.

So here's the question , answer it, guys any girls alike and lets hear your views.
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  • NEVER ever listen to dating advice from women. Never listen to what they say they want in a man. Never listen to what they say they want in a long term partner. ALL of it is absolute, complete, and utter BS.

    • I find that to be quite true, women including older women claim a woman needs a nice guy with a good job and to treat the girl like a queen and make life easy and fun for her... and when they hit their 30s i believe most women do want those things but until they are in their thirties most women will always go for much different guys especially those under 25 , the often chooce attractive guys who are fun and confident and dont give them the attention they seek.

    • I'm not sure it's that they want a guy like that after the age of 30, it's either they are tired of so many different guys, or they can no longer get the same type of guy.

      They either settle or they no longer have an interest in excitement. Either way, if and / or when the nice guy is chosen, just remember this. He is never first choice. He is either the last choice, being settled for or a boring choice. Who wants to be that ''choice''?

    • yes and thats why if you are in your thirties and suddenly a super hot 29 years old chick wants to date you and you've never attracted anything above 6/10 before you should be very caution cause you are plan B and she is much more likely to cheat.

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  • Generally dating advice from women will suck. You're much better off observing their actions and examining the traits of the men they end up sleeping with. Either that or ask for advice from a man who is know for being successful with women.

    • i found the first method to work out great, asking is always a good idea indeed, i usually observe and did read some stuff here and there but mainly observing and seeing what works and what doesn't, honestly the men women claim they want to date are usually the last ones they ever think about dating, or if they are actually date such guys i've found out the guy happens to have money.

      I am used to getting stares and attention from girls at college, but this girl in particular interested me, kinda short, light brown hair and very pretty with nice body, she seemed obsessed with me an would atera ways, hold eye contact and have seductive looks... anyways i wanted to talk to her cause i thought she was hot, but then i found out she has boyfriend same age as me, a really nice guy looks wise maybe slightly above average or strictly average, 5'4 at most , iam 6'2, used to work out and girls say iam a pretty good looking gay been rated 8/10 before...

    • ... but i discovered that he was kinda rich and has a pretty nice car and assets, lol so yeah... as i said the only way to be really nice and clingy and still get chicks is by having money or status.

    • typos , way too many typos

  • The ideal is to have both qualities: Be blunt but sensitive. Show your emotions but don't be a bitch about it. Show interest but don't be clingy. I choose not to play this game personally

    • this is one way of doing it and its a good way indeed, being on either side of the extremes does not work you have to time it and do the right thing at the right time, its an annoying game and most of the time idont have time for it either... but when iam in the mood, knowing the rules helps a lot.

    • Yeah. I feel you man. I just don't have the patience for it anymore.

  • wanted to see these results not gonna lie lol

  • my honest opinion... stop being vain.


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