Girl won't stop staring?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now but we broke up for almost a year and recently got back together (nov 2016). It was really difficult for us at first, to the point where we would hang out often and do things that couples would do, but that never changed anything. Eventually, time passed and we hung out a lot less and spoke much less, and he attempted to move on with this girl that him and I both know from church. It was a casual thing where they spoke for about a week and then went out once, but he even gave her a pandora necklace as a gift. Turns out he told her he still had feelings for me even though he tried to move on and that he wants to be with me again. (I saw the texts.. and yes he just texted her lol) Him and I got back together and went to another church for a while and are now back to our old church where she also goes to, and the bitch just won't stop trying to get his attention. he has given me every reason in the book to trust him, but I can't stand that she's always following him around with her eyes. She's gorgeous and she's really hard not to look at. I want to stop being insecure and trust him, but I don't know where to start. We keep fighting over it because I'm always bringing it up. It's driving me and our relationship insane. Help!


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  • Sounds tough.
    I'm a guy but I've gone through my own battles with lack of self-esteem and insecurity several years ago. It's likely that there is no immediate solution for your situation but you can always work on yourself and your self-esteem, I don't see any quick fixes for it.
    Insecurity can cause a lot of havoc in relationships, back in the day I wouldn't stop contacting my then-girlfriend because I was so insecure (she was studying abroad and I couldn't handle it) and felt emotional pain because of her absence. I was a wreck mentally and emotionally, and the only way out of it was through self-improvement, and to me spiritually, God's help.

    I got the sense that you're a christian too, you can always ask God to help you with this issue. He helped me and will also help you.

  • The jealously will kill your relationship then she's going to steal him from you but not really, because you never had him in the first place.


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