Feel too nervous in clubs and bars?

Like I went out twice this weekend and can tell I'm getting attention but I just don't know what to say and also I'm not really up for sleeping about but it seems that's the way to do it these days?

A groups of girls were dancing in front of me and clearly looking for me to talk to one of them and a guy even walked over and joked 'how much did I pay for them?' But it wasn't even that. I think I give off a very clean vibe in clubs but tbh I really don't know how to act. Part of me doesn't even want to pick up a girl in a bar but perhaps when most other avenues in life make it hard to meet someone, maybe I should do what everyone else does :/


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What Girls Said 1

  • If you don't want to go in clubs and bars, don't go. No one forces you to. You can try meeting girls in different places.

    • I like going there to drink and enjoy myself but hey just seem so sexualised
      You can't go to bars these days without some expectation to be sexual. Girls and guys slapping each other on the ass etc. I don't know how to react

What Guys Said 2

  • this is somewhat normal , a lot of guys don't feel that comfortable actually trying to meet girls in those sort of places , unless there with friends or been there a lot and get comfortable with surroundings

    things can fall apart really quickly and for no reason too , I've had girls dance near me and appear interested then disappear the next and then I never see them again

  • It's never easy picking up someone that way if you're not used to doing that but at least you're getting attention

    • Have you got any advice? Do you just fool about and chat to them? It's strange because anyone I speak to, any girl wouldn't believe I've never been with someone. I just don't want to waste the positive vibes but I guess they aren't gonna fade as long as I don't get fat

    • If you're confident and can dance I think you'll do very well

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