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There's this one guy at my school. Like one year ago he really liked me and was super nice to me, and invited me to go out with him. But at this time I was in a complicated situation. Long story. Well I declined him. One year later. After I broke up with my long term boyfriend. We met on the party and he was hitting on me. I declined him again. Than we went skiing with our school together. There was some flirting going on. Also some hugging and snogging. Later back at school we greet, talk and tease each other. We sometimes send some snaps. Text only if we need something. I don't know if he still likes me. I know that he likes my physical appearance but does he see me as a girlfriend material?
(Btw he said to his friends that he would like to fuck me, yeah and he is 18 and i'm 5 month younger than him)


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  • If he wants to have sex with you then he might be trying hard to get in your pants. I think if he sees you as girlfriend material then he should be trying to go on dates with you more and trying to get to know you better.

    • You were right showed up that he wanted to be friends with benefits but didn't see me as his potential girlfriend

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    • And I thank you for your reply :)

    • Your very welcome and thank you again.

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  • He sounds like a tool, so yes he is probably still interested.


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