Guys, if a girl is really hard to get, when you finally get her, would you move on to "the next challenge" or would you fight to keep her?

Just curious lol


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  • It depends. Sometimes once you get to know someone, they aren't what you thought or hoped that they'd be and you move on. It's not really about the challenge but more that once you really get to know someone, things get more and more complex. I think you're probably focusing too much on early courting or the infancy of a relationship and discount the portion that really matters way, way more.

    • Thank you so much, this helps :)

  • Not fighting. Either it works or it doesn't. Not spending a bunch of time and effort on someone who shows little to no interest in return. Not into "making" someone like me. You want to put up a fight and be nothing but a pain in the ass and cause friction and drama, hit the curb babe! I'm moving on!

    • Thank you for your answer :)

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