Is he jealous? Or am I reading too much into it?

So not getting into detail, long story short, I had this thing with this guy, and I really really liked him and then one day about two months ago he just stopped talking to me... and yesterday I found out from a friend he is back with his ex girlfriend, which I was really upset about, so we decided to go out clubbing and I got a hickey from this guy, and in class today my friend said he was looking at me really confused, and then after class we were talking and asked me what happened to my neck and stuff... when none of the other guys said anything lol.. and then I told him a guy gave me a hickey... then I waved to someone and he was looking to see who I was waving at... I don't know why I care because I'm really hurt, I'm just confused as to whats going through his head... and I know hickies are stupid, this is my first one so im kinnda embarrassed but oh well what am I gonna do lol. oh and I caught him looking at me a few times so I'm really confused...


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  • Reading too much


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