Are Italian guys passionate?

Italian guys are "known" to be passionate men is it true? Are they attracted to latinas? Americans? I have no clue about Italians , just want to know...


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  • With tourist girls, yes. Especially towards the end of the season.


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  • Well thank you @Lucifer_666 for the tag.

    Being Italian myself and having an Italian boyfriend I can tell you that YES they usually are VERY passionate, they tend to express themselves naturally and freely, and they love to spoil their women with gifts flowers, night-outs romantic candle light dinners, and... they make amazing love..

    They are very family oriented, the more SOUTH you go, the more passionate and family oriented Italians are.

    My man is from South Italy from Lecce, so basically FROM THE HEEL of italy lol.

    And they do like Latinas but are not really into Americans in general.
    If you want to know more, hit me up ;)


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