Girls, would you date a guy that carries a gun?

Just wondering how most girls feel about this.

I am am a licensed and trained marksman, and also trained in self defense scenarios. Carrying a handgun is as natural to me as putting on my boots. Having said that, I'm not an in your face protestor for 2nd amendment rights, (although I support the 2nd amendment). I am aware of the concerns certain people have seeing a firearm, and do not like to make people feel uncomfortable. I would not carry my gun if it made my date uncomfortable, but if the relationship got serious, the philosophical difference would absolutely become an issue.

so what are your thoughts?


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What Girls Said 2

  • well, seeing as how i have a ccp and own a couple different handguns ad a rifle and my fiance does as well... doesn't bother me... but its more about who you would be dating so you'd need to talk to her about it.

    • I hope to meet a girl that likes guns as much as you do. Your fiancĂ© is a lucky guy

  • Yes. I don't have an issue with that.

    • Good to hear. I really didn't expect the first 2 responses to be positive

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